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Interior Flavor LOGO.png
Interior Flavor

We offer a range of services including renovations, furnishing, and styling for both residential and commercial projects. 

Interior Flavor is founded by Mariam Aboulfetouh, a Dubai-based Egyptian entrepreneur, is the founder of Interior Flavor. Armed with a degree in Material Engineering from the German University in Cairo, Mariam has a passion for minimalistic design, evident in her transformative work for residential and commercial spaces. Her design philosophy is anchored in minimalism, celebrating the idea that quiet luxury speaks volumes through simplicity. With a keen eye for detail, Mariam draws inspiration from her global attendance at design weeks, reinforcing her belief that travel, art, and design are essential soul-nourishing elements. Besides her main projects, Mariam has her own tableware brand and collaborates with other well-known brands, adding a unique touch to her diverse portfolio.


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