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7 Things To Do To Be The Perfect Host

One of many people’s favorite thing to do during the Festive Season is to plan for all types of gatherings. Don’t we take great comfort in spending time with those who make us feel secure, relaxed, and at peace in their space? You need to remember that the ultimate goal is the hospitality itself. Hospitality should be focused on the connection between people. That’s why I’ve gathered some tips to help you plan your next gathering.

1. Assess Your Home

Do you have enough seating? Are there adequate areas for guests to eat? If the budget allows, consider adding a few new decor items to address any areas your home that may be lacking. For smaller gatherings, space may not be a concern, but still determine where people will eat, mingle, and gather for socializing.

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2. Pick up the Clutter in the Main Areas

Our guests do not expect your house to be perfect. And believe me, you’ll notice your own messes far more than they will.

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3. Check the Guest Bath

Just take a quick look and wipe down the sink and the mirror if it needs it. Also, make sure there’s enough extra toilet paper in the cabinet. change out the hand towel, take out the trash bag and put in a new one, and do a quick clean of the toilet if it needs so. Even if you do not have a designated guest bathroom, you need to prepare whatever bathroom your guests will use.

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4. Set the Table the Night Before

Get out the tablecloths and tableware a night before your dinner party/gathering. It’s an easy thing to check off your list and feels oh so satisfying. If you’re doing a buffet, set the plates out beforehand and put napkins and plates out as well.

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5. Set up a Self-Serve Station

Set up a self-serve station for drinks and everything else your guests could need so you won’t have to get up during the meal. Set out glasses or cups near the drinks so they can serve themselves. The less they have to ask you, the better, for you and them.

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6. Decorate for the Occasion

Depending on your event, decorating can be as simple as a beautiful centerpiece, to an elaborate entrance with exterior lighting welcoming guests into your home. Whichever way you choose to go, a few aesthetic details can make your home feel more restful and welcoming.

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7. Light

Make your home inviting with good lighting. If you have a dark corner in your home, let in some light by placing a lamp in that corner. You could even light some candles, decorative or not, they’ll add a lot to your space. It’s amazing how much some lamplight and candles can transform a room into a warm, welcoming environment.

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To sum up, try to keep it simple and organized. It is lovely to be able to enjoy real quality time with your guests without having to repeatedly run in and out of the kitchen, so focus on your guests. That means no matter what happens, you want your guests to feel comfortable.

Things might go wrong. But try your best to avoid talking about what is not perfect because that only makes everyone uncomfortable. Most importantly, remember to enjoy and have fun and not take yourself (or anything else) too seriously. Hosting for me is an opportunity to gather people around the table and share not just food but more importantly time, stories, laughter (sometimes tears) and experiences. Hosting is the perfect way to connect people and to show them that we care about them

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