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How To Style The Bedside Table For A Cozier Mood In Your Room

Has your bedside table suddenly become a catch-all for all of the day’s miscellanies?

Books, glasses, chargers, and everything in between winds up there, this is why knowing how to style the bedside tables can be a real deal.

It’s tricky to balance the decor in a way that looks clean and decluttered.

Personally, the bedside tables in my bedroom have a minimal decor on them so as they could be more functional than decorative.

Bedside-tables are usually seen as just the spot where to put the water glass and book at night; however, with just a few thoughtfully chosen pieces, the place next to the bed can elevate the whole room.

I personally am all about styling a bedside table in an aesthetically pleasing way!

Before going through these steps, we need the base, a table; and for that, there are different types of bedside tables to fit different styles.

Some of the most commonly used tables are:

  1. Table with drawers

  2. Table with shelves

  3. Table without any built-in storage

Once We Have That Covered, We Can Move on to the 8-Step System for Styling a Bedside Table.

1. Use a Tray to Keep the Space Clutter-Free

Everything looks more purposeful and put together in a tray; since bedside nightstands have a way of attracting clutter with everyday use.

Is there really a way to organize the items we keep close at hand every night?

2. Lighting

Lighting in a bedroom is key, as you want to create a warm and gentle ambiance to set a calm environment for bedtime.

Great options for lighting include a table lamp (either with a shade or a task lamp) or a wall-mounted sconce above the table.

Choose a lamp that doesn’t take up the entire nightstand; if your nightstands are small, opt for a sconce mounted on the wall above the nightstand so you have more surface area for styling and storing the essentials.

3. Storage

Here are different options to use as a storage unit:

  1. Baskets,

  2. Trays, and

  3. Bins

These are all great options to put underneath tables or shelves.

An even more alternative way would be a pretty leaning ladder to place different objects on at various levels.

4. Piece of Art / Mirror

It’s important to have something decorative on the wall above the table to frame out the area around the table and fill in the negative space.

Placing a leaning or hanging tableau or mirror is a way to successfully create the desired style and fill in the void of the wall by creating a delicate balance.

Another option would be to lean a mirror directly against the wall.

To make your nightstand vanity double, prop a mirror against the wall and pair it with an unobtrusive chair.

5. Natural Elements

To me, it is always essential to include at least one natural element when styling a side table.

Natural elements can be more than simply adding a flower vase; in fact, flowers or greenery, wood, wicker baskets, or stone accessories are all valid as natural elements to include in decorating a bedside table.

not only this piece will give a stylish look as a final design, however, it will also add evaluability to the overall final room mood.

6. Aromatic Object

Complementing the natural element point, adding an aromatic element such as a candle or diffuser gives a relaxing and refreshing feel to the entourage of the room.

7. Accessories

This step is not a necessity when opting for a minimalist simple look; however, obtaining a completely styled look, requires adding one extra accessory such as a stack of decorative books or an alarm clock.

8. Trinket Dish

A trinket dish may seem like a trivial detail, however, having a designated spot to set bracelets, rings or earrings when you take them off is always a good idea as it adds to definite peace of mind – which is what we al opt for once we enter our bedrooms.

Whenever bedrooms feel unfinished, I always check the state of the nightstands first.

Styling the nightstand with some height, accessories, and art will truly alter the focal wall in any bedroom.

Instead of the bed wall looking like a hotel room, with no accessorizing and personality, add a few of the essential elements and your space will begin to feel complete.

For some bedrooms, the best approach to a nightstand is simplicity, this helps to keep the space relaxing.

Keep an eye out for more home-decore advice to come your way, and remember to share this article and improve your loved ones’ home experience.

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