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Overwhelmed By The Competition To Have The Best Ramadan Decoration?

Feeling overwhelmed by all these beautiful displays online and felt you're décor and displays never even slightly measured up.

Yes, it’s great to share ideas and get inspired from many different sources, but when it crosses the line from inspiration to feelings of stress & competition then it is dangerous & compromises our happiness, mental and emotional health, and spirituality.

As we grew up in cultures where decorating for Ramadan was one of the best childhood memories, we never felt that stress we currently have with all the social media posts. We grew up doing it in a simple budget-friendly ways . Here are some of our favorite suggestions for how you can plan for the blessed month without going out of budget:

1.Keep your home clean & organized

A clean and tidy home will give you a positive vibe Follow the theme of “less is more” Donate and sell things you have not used for a long time Clear the countertop of your kitchen from items not required Organise your wardrobe. Get rid of things you don’t wear anymore.

2.Start With What You Have

Decorating your home can get really costly but if you're able to reuse some items you already have, you can significantly cut the cost.

3. List of New Items

Make a list of the new supplies you need, from major decors to the smallest accents.

4.Pirortize Your Shopping List & Stick to your Budget

Visualize how you want your home to look like on Ramadan, add the items you already have & start to visualize the new items with them, then start prioritizing the new items 7 ask your self few questions? It’s an extra expense? If we are doing it under some kind of pressure. To post on social media, for social gatherings??

Always remember that there’s no one way, right or wrong way to do it. Whether we decide to decorate or not. Don't stress yourself Just because our social media feeds are blowing up with cute and amazing Ramadan decor. Ramadan Kareem to you & your families wishing you a peaceful & blessed month.

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