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Your Home Will Change When You Have Kids

You have piles of clean laundry, backpacks not on their designated places and baskets upon baskets of toys. It's messy & chaotic, you feel overwhelmed???

Definitely your home will change when you have kids but remember that it is a difficult time, but it’s not forever. They will come out of this.

Truthfully, there are various levels of chaos. Some are accepted & some are not, keep in mind that having a tidy home helps you & your kids mental health. But that doesn't mean to make you overwhelmed & ashamed of how your home look like by the end of the day or during a hectic day for you & your family.

Here are simple tips to limit your Chaos

Tip 1 leave large toy boxes and replace with the Modular Method or Toy rotation Method

By that way your kids will find their favorite toys quicker without having a big mess. Even you can use the rotational method you will make sure they won't get bored with what they are playing with everyday.

Tip 2 Five Minute Clean-up & Catch-All Basket Combo

This will help you clean up the big areas quicker especially if you are living in two level house.

Tip 3 Create a Categorized Boxes in Every Room

This will help you clean up the mess faster & even your elder kids can assist you with tidying up.

Tip 4 Create a Family Friendly Living Room

Designing a home with a kid in mind can be challenging, you have to decorate with a toddler in mind.

**will continued in our next blog post.

Hopefully the tricks above will help calm the chaos and allow you to spend more time enjoying your children while they are in your home. Check our upcoming blog posts regarding decluttering & how to improve your home & make it a beautiful calm place for you & your family.

*All Photo credit to Pinterest

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